Two more years to go..

Do parents lie? Have you ever wondered what’s the biggest lie they told us? I think all Indian kids can relate..”Beta do saal ki mehnat hai..phir araam”..these tormenting words are the reason why I still sometimes wake up sweaty in the night thinking it’s the exam day and I prepared for the wrong subject!

Maturity & responsibility in India doesn’t come’s an overnight soon as a kid passes the 9th grade she/he is supposed to get serious and know their exact career trajectory! Around this time the kid is introduced to this never ending two years cycle..

My hunt for those two years began when I was 14..and yes I am still looking..maybe after the next two years of “parishram” lies the “araam”.

But would I be where I am without that lie? Absolutely not! It turned me into a sincere, hardworking individual ready for brutal competitiveness of the real world..I won’t say this was a white lie my parents told was a “golden” still sparkles in my personality..

2 thoughts on “Two more years to go..

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  1. So true and now I see my wife telling the kids the same thing! The cycle repeats and you are trained to be a slave of the cyclical cycle. Life barbaad ho rahe hai iss dho saal ke chakkar mein!


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