Is sharing caring?

Let’s be clear. This never happened with me! It happened with my good friend..umm..let’s call her Clingy. Even though she grew up with a bunch of siblings she was way too possessive about her belongings. Like most of us, material things brought her joy. She was a good dresser and avid jewelry collector. Always loved the compliments but dreaded those four words “Let me borrow it?” It’s not acceptable to have a non-sharing nature. We are taught sharing is caring! But, in her defense absolutely no one could care for her things like she did..then why should she share?

She was too ashamed to publicly admit this side of her but there are a few people from whom you can’t this case her bestie..let’s call her Plingy. Plingy used to always assure her that there was nothing wrong..everyone has some boundaries and hers were just a little tight.

One day, she was wearing her newly acquired and recently promoted to favorite earrings. People noticed and complimented. All was well until an acquaintance (not even a friend!), let’s call her Freeloader, wanted to try them on. Clingy took a deep breath! She thought, maybe Freeloader wants to buy one for herself if she wears them well. So, she let her try them on..then came the next big question “It looks perfect for my cousin’s wedding..Can I borrow it for a week?”

Clingy knew it was one of those moments when you can’t get at it alone. She needed Plingy..they hatched a plan together.

P: “Let’s hide the earrings and say you lost them”

C: “How will I ever wear them in class again, duh!”

P: “How about someone else borrowed them?”

C: “Won’t it look cheap? Freeloader asked for them first.”

Eventually, after hours of brain storming they narrowed down to a multi-tier plan. First, Clingy had to stop wearing any earring for a few days. Then both the girls had to discuss about her severe “ear lobe” infection which had rendered all her earrings unfit for anyone else. Not sure in what world they thought this very transparent attempt was going to save them from embarrassment. It’s easy for us to judge but in that moment, they just went with their gut. Desperate times desperate measures!

They did the little prepared skit in front of Freeloader and rest of the class. They couldn’t fool anyone! C & P could see it in their piercing judgmental eyes. However, Clingy knew no one could prove anything unless they broke, and she was adamant. It was an ear lobe infection!

She returned home feeling low and cheap. Did this make her a bad person? Battered with mental exhaustion of the elaborate plan, she moved to her dresser and opened a tiny box. Unwrapped the paper, removed the cotton layering and unfolded the linen cloth. Looking calmly at her possession for which she tarnished her reputation she knew she wasn’t far from the Gollum of LOTR. But she also knew, no one would have taken better care of “Her precious”. That was the truth and she made peace with her not-so-perfect self.

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