Me vs Books

In my line of work, one needs to be updated about the latest trends to stay ahead of the curve. I recently selected a few courses and certifications to meet my professional growth targets. How hard could it be? Well, let’s find out..

First off gotta get into “the student zone”. The ritual remains the same, start by making an over ambitious unrealistic timetable. I understand over estimating oneself, but my usual time table looks like me having 15 productive hours in a day! It’s like I am meeting myself for the first time! Once the time-table is done and duct taped on the front wall, I clear my table, take out the books I need to study, the reference books that I might need and more reference books to understand those reference books. Essentially, I need to create a fortress of books. Then, collect all things that I might have to get up for. Well, you can’t afford to lose focus for even a single minute! Water bottle, energy bar, some nuts, red bull.

“Okay! Now I am ready! Let’s begin..Nop, something is still not right? The chair isn’t that comfortable! Umm..Need cushions from the next room..Fine, let’s start! Chapter 1…zzZZZ”

“Wait! What? Slept for 2 hours! This is I am feeling energized…Let me grab something to drink..What do I have here? Umm..water, redbull..nahh..Let’s make some that I am in kitchen I can do with a sandwich too! Fine..Where was I? Oh yes, Chapter 1…Let me look at my phone before I begin..haven’t checked my messages for couple of hours..what if there’s an emergency? Awwhh..such cute pictures..I wish I was on a vacation..what is this game that everyone has been playing? Let me check it out…”

That wretched farm game! Spent way too much time in “Gai charana and Gehu ugana”! I always thought with age my struggle with course books would go away. Nop! they are still as hypnotic as they were in school. Some months back, long hours of screen time along with stress made me borderline insomniac. I could have saved so much sorrow, if only, I read “Introduction to theory of relativity” in the wee hours. Eventually, I did complete my course and passed my certifications but we can safely conclude we never grow up when it comes to studying..which isn’t bad in a way. In today’s dog-eat-dog world, at-least this transports us back to the simpler days!

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