Reason with Rage

Disagreements happen all the time! Work, home, with friends, with strangers..There’s endless gyaan about how to handle them? Take a step back >> Understand the other person’s perspective >> Be a good listener. The issue is not disagreement but the rage that sometimes follows. It’s difficult to “take a step back” when the person whom you’re talking to is seconds away from spontaneously combusting!

Delhi is notorious for road rage incidents. No matter the type or size of the vehicle or even without vehicle (pedestrians), absolutely no one is ready to wait or follow the traffic rules. What’s even worse is the “road mere baap ki hai” attitude! A few months back, I was on a vacation very close to Delhi. We had been on the road for a couple of hours and stopped for a quick tea break. We accidentally drove a little too close to a butch guy sipping tea who was leaning on a Delhi number plate vehicle. We apologized and unexpectedly he just smiled back! It was a little unsettling! Not used to such civil response from a Delhiite on the road! If this was in Delhi, he would have definitely remembered my mother, sister, father…

In conclusion, it’s not about the person or the incident. It’s more about the physical place and the stress associated with it. In this case, the butch guy was keeping his cool as he was in the vacation mode. A person removed from her/his natural rage habitat is understanding and polite. I believe rather than not having disagreements (which isn’t humanly possible) one should try to associate positivity with physical surroundings. No one will rage out in their “Happy Place”.

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