Let’s fly…

Imagine standing on the curb, near your favorite hot dog stand. Every couple of minutes you’re inching towards yummy goodness. The weather is a little hot, but you don’t mind it that much. Now imagine there’s a Michelin star hi-end restaurant with glass walls just behind the hot dog stand. You can see people enjoying their gourmet hot-dog in a luxury setting with the best Italian wine! It annoys you a bit. You have two options. Either wait in the heat for your snack that now doesn’t seem that delicious or just leave! Now, let’s say the option to walk away isn’t there. You must stand there in self-pity! This is exactly what happens in an aircraft!

Around the time we coach passengers are struggling to find luggage space in the overhead bins, the first-class passengers are sipping their welcome drinks in glasses made of actual glass! Not the cheap acrylic cups that we get our drinks in! But, you don’t have to keep looking at it as the flight attendant is kind enough to close the curtains on your face!

We still know what happens on the other side. Their spacious seats, meals served with real cutlery, huge TVs and an actual lounge & bar! I haven’t seen their washrooms, but I am sure they would be better than the hole that we must use. I mean, there’s hardly any space in the coach class washrooms. It’s so tiny, I pray every time not to get sucked into the vacuum flush!

I know, I know…the passengers have worked hard for the money (maybe?), so, they deserve the better treatment if they can afford it. I am not opposed to that at all! I am just against all this happening in a closed setting from where people can’t walk away. They must watch this “in your face” inequality unfold!

With all that said, I still hope to be bumped up to the first class every time I am at the boarding gate…

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