Beginner’s guide to Flat-mates

Moving out of parent’s place for the first time could be overwhelming! Along with the new city, job and being a grown up, come multiple un-knows. Biggest one being “the flat mate”. Having moved across four cities for work, I have had my fair share of flat mates. Here are a few kinds I encountered:

The Stinky Pete: This creature can’t keep neat! Her room isn’t clean, and she messes up the common area as well! She is extremely hydrophobic and mostly bathes bi-weekly (bi-monthly in winters). She basically is the cause for that godawful smell in your apartment. Beware! This one has the least sense of boundaries. Try not to let her in your room. If the first line of defense is breached, do not let her sit anywhere or touch anything. You might have to use your Chanel as a room freshener once she leaves! Under any circumstance she shouldn’t be allowed to use your washroom!

The Caretaker: This creature is extremely advanced and responsible. Regular activities include making the grocery list and making sure someone picks up the grocery. This one is stringent in her ways. Never show authority in her territory. Else you might lose the benefits: being covered with a blanket if you fall asleep on the couch, getting your favorite meal if you had a sucky day at work, soup on the days you’re unwell. Just play by “her rules” and let her be the “alpha”.

The Detached: This creature is awfully suspicious and quiet. She’s mostly invisible and easily agitated when interacted with. Advised to keep distance and minimal interaction. Usually, you won’t stay with this one for long. In rare circumstances, even if you’re flat mates for a long time, you might not learn anything apart from the information on the shared lease like her first and last names!

The baby: You thought you were irresponsible? This careless creature will push you over the edge and turn you into the stubborn responsible one! In addition to taking care of the entire house, you are now this one’s personal secretary. She spreads your contact through her family and work network. Mostly she vanishes with no trace or warning leading to heavy call traffic on your cell phone.  

The hoarder: This creature is a collector. This one is well prepared for every situation under all circumstances. Ran out of battery for your electric brush around midnight. She will have the battery and a new brush along with spare bristle heads! Just don’t enter her room as you might need a guiding map to navigate through all the stuff!

The miser: This creature treats her wallet as a non-detachable organ. Advised not to maintain a split wise account with this one. It’s never going to settle!

The party animal: This creature stays at home only if enticed by a house party, possibility of clubbing or excess booze. Else she habitually roams in the wild looking for the same. Advised not to get in her bad books as this one can make or break your reputation in multiple circles.

The perfect kind: This creature is rarely encountered. Some research suggests she might be a myth like the Bigfoot. She makes life easy, fun & comfortable. Gives the right motivation at the right time! She’s always there for you! Out of all the above, this creature has the highest probability of metamorphosizing into a BFF.

Any beginner should now be better equipped to explore the wild world of independent 20s..Just a word of advice, never be afraid of meeting new people. These interactions turn into experiences you cherish for a life time!

Did I miss any kind? Do share your experiences in the comments!

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