My motivation..

I have been working for more than six years now. Recently, I can feel my motivation to go to office dwindle. Nop, it’s not related to my commitment towards work. I do enjoy going to office for the fresh challenge it brings every day. By challenge I surely mean the ocean of traffic I need to cross!

But seriously, office is not just about challenging work or getting your brain churning or the monetary benefits attached with it. It is much more than that! For some, it might bring a discipline to life. For others, it might be an opportunity get dressed in their best formal-wear.

Number one on my list is getting that perfect cup of coffee. I need to be well caffeinated mostly throughout the day to carry out my regular functions. I hate making my own cup and it just gives me immense joy to get it with minimal efforts at work. Now, coming back to my dwindling motivation… It all began the day I saw them tearing down my favorite and the only decent coffee joint around my office. Now work feels like endlessly sitting in a blackhole, waiting for that mocha flavored nectar! Neither can I find a good ending to this rant, nor can I see what I am typing with my teary eyes. So, let’s just say “I’m Sad ☹”

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