Save our generation

Netflix, Amazon and now even Disney..Everyone is moving towards on demand content rather than broadcasting it the old fashioned way. It’s so much fun to watch what you like, when you like and keep watching..keep on watching…KEEP ON WATCHING…

Binge watching is one of the greatest adversaries of our generation. It’s less of an entertainment and more of an addiction. You don’t feel good or refreshed once done. Instead you feel exhausted and sleepy. Looking at a person in the binge watch state is like one of those old corny sci-fi movies coming to reality. Humans in trans state watching propaganda videos in pajamas eating & drinking junk. Earlier we used to wait for an entire week to catch our favorite TV show for half an hour. Now we watch one full week’s worth of content in one sitting.

Ever wondered, why we can’t discipline ourselves? Simply put it’s all or nothing! You can’t detox unless you completing stop watching. Just pull the plug! Do it NOW! Go ahead. Turn it OFF!

Come out of your dump of a bed that can be used for a third grader’s geography lessons with all the enormous features you managed to build!! Find your way out of the Lays mountains, Coke can plateaus, Drool ponds…Open the blackout curtains. Look’re smiling..stick your head out from the’re truly happy…take a deep breath..ahhh…

It’s a deep breath filled with smoke, pollutants and green-house gases. There’s no saving our generation, is there? We’re doomed anyway. Well, this is depressing. What’s next on Netflix?

2 thoughts on “Save our generation

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  1. The only way I can stay away from binge watching is by not starting a new series. 😛 But then I get this FOMO as everyone around me is discussing about the hottest series on Netflix, I end up starting the show out of curiosity (which is sad). Midway I realize that I am not really enjoying it so much but now I feel I have invested so much time in it and don’t want it to be a sunk cost that has gone waste, I continue watching it just for the sake of finishing it (which is even more sad)! I am trying out this new setting of disabling auto-play which gives me a natural break to re-think my priorities. Let’s see how that goes!


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