My perfect self

Yes, I am a hypocrite. I would like to write “watching movies” under hobbies, but, end up writing “reading books” instead. Hobby is something you derive pleasure from in your leisure time. Then, why judge people who like to innocently just watch television? Why are we obsessed with being productive even in our leisure hours?

I do enjoy a good documentary, but it still feels like earning less brownie points than the folks who read for pleasure. I understand it’s a wonderful habit. My life has been a series of consistent attempts to inculcate three habits: work-out, be a morning person and read for pleasure! Trust me the struggle is very real!

However, life would be dull and mundane if I don’t have these tiny everyday inner struggles. If we don’t be disappointed at the end of the day and promise ourselves a better tomorrow, we would lose that anticipation. Even though I am struggling in all the three areas, I would like to believe, every day I inch a bit closer to the person I aspire to perfect self..or at least what I perceive as perfect in my head.

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