21 days Journey

I recently watched a great web series which recommended that any activity religiously followed for 21 days turns into a habit. If you have read my earlier posts, one thing would be clear by now, I don’t hesitate in taking life lessons from pop-culture. I wanted to give it a try!

First thing, I narrowed down to a doable list..With the danger of seeming narcissistic, I find myself very close to perfect (hehehe..sorry, this cracked me up in the middle of writing the sentence itself)..on a serious note, I really need to work on myself in two areas: being productive & improving lifestyle choices. I derived three actionable items: read/study for two hours, workout & eat clean..the challenge is to continue doing this for 21 days!

Preparation: You have to carry something that reminds you of the goal..so, I took out my cutest sticky notes and made date-wise entries..doodling is a must! Set motivational quotes on your mobile phone home & lock screens and laptop wallpaper..cluttered desktop would be distracting.. make sure your desktop has only a few folders..what’s a quick way to do it? Create a desktop folder on desktop and dump everything in there..last time I cleaned up my desktop folder it gave me an inception feel..desktop folder inside desktop folder inside another one…

I am really excited to share my journey with you all. Stay tuned for weekly updates!

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