21 days Journey # Honest confession

Just a quick update. I started with full swing but couldn’t achieve my goals daily. Some unforeseeable reasons and some very seeable reasons which were completely in my control.

I was a little hesitant while sharing the initial post..”What if I am not able to complete the task?” “What if I am not able to sustain?” “What if I am not disciplined enough?” All these fears are very real. It brings into question why did I even put it out there if I wasn’t sure of my commitment? Did I assume the pressure of calling out my goals publicly will give me a harder push towards achieving them? On some level, maybe yes! But, mostly I wanted to keep it real. I mean, if I share my journey once I have accomplished my goals then it become un-relatable to folks at the starting point.

The commitment for these goals has always been there as a mental note. The real problem begins when one steps into denial and stops acknowledging problems as part of that mental checklist. One of my favorite quotes is “A goal without a plan is just a wish“. There is a definite importance for the goal & plan, however, we should appreciate the wish as well..after-all, that’s the first step…

I have begun my 21 days journey again!! This time a more serious and focused attempt! Anyway, beginning something new on 1st just seems mathematically right!

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