Growing a green thumb

I have always been in love with plants. As a kid, I volunteered to water some sixty potted plants that my parents managed to keep alive in addition to three children!! One should have a strong heart to maintain gardening as a hobby. Why? Well, encountering a lizard especially if it leaves its tail behind is quite adventurous and not for the faint of heart!

I got my own plants in Bangalore, six months after I moved out of my parent’s place. Aware of my limitations, I started with just four. Figured it would be easier to keep them alive in the city known for good weather. Unfortunately, Bangalore was hit by one of the worst summers till date. Air conditioners became the hot selling electronics in the city where earlier people hardly needed fans. We can safely conclude, one of the two Gs was responsible for the fate of my plants: God or Global warming!!

After shifting back to Delhi, I dared to upgrade to a balcony full of potted plants. I should have gotten a clue when I saw some pigeons chilling in my balcony. Just thought I was being a good bird friendly host. But they weren’t just hanging out. They ate my plants’ leaves and laid eggs in the pots! I had to stop watering those pots. Couldn’t drown an unborn pigeon fetus! This time I blame the smart-ass pigeon family.

I always had this vision of keeping a green home, plant friendly oasis. After the wedding, my husband and I brought in some plants. He has a big-time aversion to artificial plants. This meant anything green had to be real. This combined with my enthusiasm led to the vision turning into reality. I am proud to say in Delhi’s harsh summers, we managed to keep most of our plants alive (of course also thanks to my geographically diverse gardening experience!). It was all about baby steps and always coming back stronger be it against the harsh weather or bullying pigeons. Maintaining plants require mostly one thing: Discipline (Big surprise, huh!), disciple for watering them, changing soil, putting fertilizer, looking for any signs of infestations..that’s all folks! And they give back so much..fresh environment, pretty place and a priceless smile 😊

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