The “Sis” code

In a job interview, they usually ask you examples of team spirit, supporting colleagues, thinking on your feet, problem solving. As a girl, I don’t need to look beyond my teenage years to find real life situations where I used one or all of these skills seamlessly. Pop culture has mostly celebrated the “bro” code! Well I am here to tell you, we do have a quintessential “sis” code too! The one of comradery, support & love.

Foremost rule of the “sis” code was not to let the secret out of the coveted inner circle! Our fellow guys might have had slacker curfew timings, but we girls were never left behind in the fun! I still have a few of my friends’ parents’ names saved with a suffix “Do not pick”. The rule was not to pick up the call till I knew where my girlfriend was, with whom she was, what was the cover story. It’s just selfless love and support. You never thought twice before putting your head on the line.

Once I met my friends’ mom at the local market when apparently my friend was supposed to be hanging out with me. I was so proud of the amount of thinking on my feet I did to successfully come out of that situation. I am not encouraging playful lying. That’s part of growing up.

I am just pointing out that we need to remember and bring back that loyalty beyond our teenage years. Your partner, colleagues or kids can give you happiness but do not isolate yourself from the much-needed girls’ time. No one will be more in sync emotionally, physically & psychologically. Howsoever difficult it gets to stay in touch, hold on to your gal pals!

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