What I see from my balcony?

Hello! I am back! I felt guilty for not writing for so long. But what do I say! These are unrealistic times! Covid right! It’s fantastical. It’s very difficult to believe what is happening and we are actually getting used to it. So, what’s the new normal?

Is it the big moustache? Or immersing oneself in household chores? Or for the first time catching up with Netflix library more quickly than Netflix can refresh it? I think everyone has found a new balance in Something or Someplace or Someone to vent out that nervous energy. Howsoever cliched it sounds, I have strongly relied on board games and cooking to keep me sane in these trying times. But, the most therapeutic getaway has been “the balcony”.

Balcony has always been my favourite spot in the house. However, I truly have a new found respect for the place. This is where I can enjoy the sun rays on my face (including my nose and mouth which are masked any place else). Where I can observe the outside world which looks so much like before. This is where I remember the simpler times when I had a 2020 bucket list. The balcony for me represents vacation, chilling outdoors, enjoying the greenery, normalcy. I have always loved to sit with a cup of tea in my balcony after a long day and I still do! It represents how things have changed but also how they are the same.

It’s my gateway to the outside from where I observe the modern civilisation that we humans built from ground up! We have worked hard thorough years to keep it moving forward. We are still fighting resiliently to keep the trajectory upwards. The view from my balcony reminds me how far we have come and how strong we are as a species. I know we have a lot of flaws: we are the most dangerous, intrusive species who have harmed Mother Earth more than anything else. But, this is the time to stand tall and together, pat ourselves on the back for all our achievements and build a fresh future. Human kind has received a collective year break to ponder over what we have done and where we want to head next. As for Covid, at the risk of using one of the most washed up phrases of the year “This too shall pass”.

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